Pugh garners more endorsements

Posted at 5:55 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 17:55:58-04
Maryland's primary is less than a week away and the mayoral race continues to tighten up. The latest polls suggest  former mayor Sheila Dixon and Senator Catherine Pugh are neck and neck. 
Pugh scored several endorsements from several current and former lawmakers. This comes after former mayoral candidate Nick Mosby endorsed the senator after he dropped out of the race last week. The group collectively feel Pugh is capable of facing the biggest problems the city has head on. 
"She has the types of qualities that we'd want in a mayor," Delegate Peter Hammen said. "A person with a high degree of energy. A person who cares so much about this city and is extremely smart. As majority leader, she's tackled some very difficult issues in the Senate. She's ready to tackle those same types of issues here in our city." 
Millennials for Sheila Dixon say they believe she's the strongest candidate in building a brighter future for Baltimore City. They gathered at the Blend Juice Bar on Cathedral Street - supporting Dixon's plan to reduce crime, make the city healthier and cleaner to create more opportunities. 
"The one thing I definitely believe in... college,trade school...our young people deserve opportunities," Dixon said. "They desire us to be able to provide those opportunities." 
Our state's primary election takes place April 26.