Campaign denies Jealous 'liking' anti-police tweet

Posted at 9:51 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 08:36:44-04

The Twitter account of Ben Jealous' campaign liked a six-month-old tweet that described corrupt police and the #BlueLivesMatter movement in vulgar language, but a campaign spokesman says the Democratic candidate for Maryland governor didn't like the tweet and it doesn't represent his views.

Kevin Harris, Jealous' campaign spokesman, said Thursday that the tweet from February was unliked this week, when the campaign learned of it.

 Harris says the former NAACP president values and respects law enforcement, but that doesn't mean he won't speak out against the "very small number of officers who dishonor their badges by engaging in corruption or excessive force against unarmed civilians."

Doug Mayer, a spokesman for Republican Gov. Larry Hogan's campaign, says the language in the tweet is "outrageously unbecoming for a candidate for governor."

The Hogan campaign provided the tweet to WMAR and it dates back to February 2. In it, a user retweets an @BenJealous tweet stating "Among the many reasons to end the failed war on drugs is the way it has corrupted too many police officers..."

@CaponeOFFICIAL responded by stating "Yet people still believe cops are saints, and Freddie Gray killed himself. F*** #BlueLivesMatter and all these dirty C*** cops. You aren't a cop if you're're a target to the criminal world. If you get killed...that's on you. #GABOS."

WMAR staff contributed to this report.