Arming city school's police revisited by state delegates following Frederick Douglass HS shooting

Posted at 5:57 PM, Feb 12, 2019

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Baltimore City is the only jurisdiction in the state that will not permit school resource officers to carry guns while they protect the schools.

One delegate would like to change that.

Delegate Cheryl Glenn, who represents a portion of Baltimore, had proposed a bill to allow resource officers to carry weapons. Last month, the school board voted unanimously not to arm school resource officers. Glenn withdrew the bill earlier this month, but, with the recent shooting at Frederick Douglass High School, she says there is renewed interest in the issue and she plans to reintroduce it.

She said school police supervisors who are allowed to carry guns were on site when the gunman came into the school and shot someone.

“If they had not just happen to be on site. The school police supervisors are able to have their guns on them because they float from school to school,” said Baltimore City Delegate Cheryl Glenn. “That's the only reason why the situation was contained as well as it was.”

The issue was on the school board's agenda for their meeting tonight, but that meeting was postponed due to school being canceled today.