Al Redmer wins Republican nomination for Baltimore County Executive

Very close race as candidates tie
Posted at 6:27 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 01:26:10-04

Voters hit the polls as the race for Baltimore County Executive takes full course for Maryland Primary Election Day.

Election results as of right now:

Precincts polled: 100%

  • Al Redmer- 56%- 17,414
  • Pat McDonough- 44%- 13,840

Precincts polled: 100%

  • Jim Brochin- 33%- 26,388
  • Johnny Olszewski- 33%- 26,733
  • Vicki Almond- 32%- 25,715
  • Kevin Francis Marron- 3%-2,030


As the state's third largest county, candidates from both parties were playing the waiting game as voters decide who will be granted their respective tickets.

On the Democratic ticket:

  • Baltimore County Councilwoman Vicki Almond says her experience as an elected county leader makes her a top contender for the post. She's also remarked about restoring the peoples' trust in the government.
  • Delegate Johnny Olszewski represents District 6 in the Maryland House of delegates. His campaign issues include education, jobs and public safety.
  • State Senator Jim Brochin, a Baltimore native who worked as an analyst for the Maryland Senate President. Parts of his campaign was centered stopping overdevelopment, security quality education and protecting the environment. 
  • Kevin Francis Marron, who says he's for concealed carry permits, pro-Hogan, and is self-financed.

On the GOP ticket:

  • Delegate Pat McDonough represents District 7 in the Maryland House of delegates and Harford Counties. He ran his campaign around a bipartisan stance with hopes to put the people first and serve the county.
  • Al Redmer represented District 8 in the House of Delegates and served under two governors. He focused his campaign on building a long-term plan for the county.

For more detailed information on the candidates who ran for Baltimore County Executive, click here.