100-year-old's message to go vote in the midterm election

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 06, 2018

At 100 years old, Ms. Ethel Forbes has been voting for over 75 years. 

"When I got old enough, I did my own reading and now that we have TV, I do my own TV looking and I make up my own mind," Forbes said. 

This midterm was no different. Her daughter JoAnn House took her to vote early.

"A lot of people were just excited and they wanted to touch her, or they wanted to see her and we moved right through the balloting," House said. 

She sent a message to her grandkids and great-grandkids, reminding them that if their 100-year-old great grandmother can vote, so can they. Because of that, her 19-year-old great granddaughter voted for the first time today. 

Across the state, thousands made their way to the polls. Some encountered some lines, like at Winfield Elementary School in Baltimore County. 

"I came inside and we were told there was only one scanner and that was the holdup. That was very disappointing," voter Albert James said. 

County election officials say it was because of a resource shortage and that today's turn out proves they need more scanners from the state for future elections. James said he waited 1.5 hours to vote; the line could be discouraging to some, but not him. 

"No matter how long I had to wait, I would still stay to vote," James said. 

Morgan State University student Sasha Moore voted for her first time today. 

"I feel like my vote counted today," Moore said. 

Afterward, she and her classmates stuck around for a journalism class, talking to voters about why they came out. 

"We're learning a lot of different problems people are having and it's really interesting," student Brandon Hall said. 

The right to vote, uniting people from all generations to make their voices heard. 

"The next voting process, if God keeps her here and she's 101, she'll be back to the polls," House said. 

Baltimore County election officials say they turnout today is on track so far with the 2016 Presidential election and they expect a big push this evening because the rain early in the day may have kept some people away. The polls are open until 8 p.m.