Parents learn how to have a stress-free school year

Posted at 10:07 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 22:11:43-04

The bells rung,  schools back in session, but are you ready for everything that comes with the new year.

"If you can improve home school communication and know exactly what's happening then you're not gonna be as overwhelmed."

Mia Redrick knows because she has three children of her own.  She's a mommy strategist who says it's smart to start the new school year with a designated email address just for school.

"There you go, welcome to Gmail."

"It's great for teachers because it has the parent and it's your last name, but it's also is great for you because you don't have to search through your business emails and you don't have to search for your personal emails to find out what's going on at school."

Now if you're not online or tech savvy......there's another alternative to keeping in the know at your kids school.

"Home school communication doesn't happen if you're not online frequently enough or at all to see what the school is sending out."

"My best advice for parents who are not using technology getting on, those online portals is just to request a physical copy.  Go to the office at the school and request a physical copy of any communication that is essential communication.

Redrick says communication on the parents end is also what happens when there's a carpool crisis, or your teen or tween loses their key.

"That's probably one of the greatest stresses any parent, every single day we're dealing with carpool.

Redrick says something as simple as a zip code from families at your school could help.

"If you have an emergency, early days or if someone loses their key, you're not searching just to find someone that's across town that might be your emergency contact, but instead you can reach out to someone that's in your neighborhood.