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When a Connecticut public works employee collapsed on the job, a USPS employee helped save his life

Posted at 10:54 AM, May 04, 2021

A Connecticut mail carrier is being celebrated after he helped save a man’s life while on the job last month.

WTNH-TV in New Haven reports that USPS employee Robert Dillon jumped into action when he saw a member of a construction crew collapse.

Edward Bomba was directing traffic for the crew when he suffered a heart attack. As he lay on the ground convulsing, Dillon rushed over, began chest compressions and continued until help arrived.

“I was blue, I was gone,” Bomba told WTNH.

Bomba was reportedly on a ventilator for three days and ultimately pulled through. He later gave Dillon a call to thank him for saving his life.

WTNH reports that Dillon had once experienced a medical emergency of his own, and no one came to help for 20 minutes. Since then, he’s vowed to help others in need.

In a statement the USPS praised Dillon for his heroics.

“While heroics, like those exhibited by Mr. Dillon, occur frequently within our ranks, it’s just another example of a good person, being in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing,” the agency’s statement read, in part. “We’re fortunate that good people are in abundant supply at the Postal Service.”