WATCH: Raccoons fall from ceiling into home

WATCH: Raccoons fall from ceiling into home
Posted at 10:21 PM, Jun 21, 2016
Sometimes it’s cute seeing raccoons in their natural habitat, but in the middle of your living room is a different story.
That’s exactly what happened to a Fort Meyers, Florida, woman, whose home security camera captured two raccoons frolicking through her home after falling through a hole in the ceiling.
According to WBBH, Kasie Rodriguez had been hearing scratching behind the walls of her home for months.
She eventually got fed up and called her neighbor, Ken McCoy, for help. He decided to cut a hole the ceiling, close to the source of the sound.

The raccoons eventually fell through that hole.
"I just saw a little, tiny raccoon go baaaaap right there. It made a huge noise and then it just cuddled up," Rodriguez told WBBH.
After hours of chasing the raccoons and trying to coax them from her home, Rodriguez eventually called a professional trapper to contain the animals.