Warner Bros. proposes $100M aerial tram to Hollywood sign

Warner Bros. proposes $100M aerial tram to Hollywood sign
Posted at 9:12 PM, Jul 10, 2018

Hollywood visitors may one day be able to get a lot closer to the iconic hillside signage than ever before.

Warner Bros. has proposed building a $100 million aerial tramway from its Burbank studios to the Hollywood sign. The project, which Warner Bros. would pay for, would include a visitor center near the sign, measure more than a mile long, and last about 6 minutes each way.

“The sign’s fame, however, has created unintended negative effects such as heavy traffic in adjacent residential areas and related safety concerns,” the studio told Variety. “The concept of an aerial tram as a solution is one that been suggested in the past and was most recently highlighted as a potential solution in the comprehensive strategies report by Dixon Resources Unlimited.”

The company added that the Burbank studio's close proximity to the Hollywood sign also brings down the project's environmental impact.

Warner Bros. is still in the early stages of the idea, according to Variety, only recently embarking on a "listening tour" of the surrounding neighborhoods, environmental groups, and city officials. No timeline for the project was given.

The Hollywood sign was constructed in 1923 as an advertisement for local real estate. Eventually, the glitz and glam of Hollywood became synonymous with the sign and it was left in place.

In April, the LA Times reported another high-flying idea being floated around: A gondola from Union Station to Dodger Stadium. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told the paper he was confident that the project would happen.