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Van Gogh painting looted by Nazis to be auctioned in New York

Van Gogh Auction
Posted at 7:34 PM, Oct 19, 2021

A painting by Vincent van Gogh, that was once seized by the Nazis, is to be auctioned off and is expected to fetch up to $30 million.

According to the New York Times, the proceeds of the 1888 "Wheatstacks" painting will be split between the current owner, the family of Texan oil businessman Edwin Cox, and the heirs of two Jewish families whose family members owned the work of art during World War II.

The watercolor has not been seen publically since 1905, CNN reported.

According to CNN, the Nazi's stole the painting from Miriam Caroline Alexandrine de Rothschild when they looted her collection and had it stored at the Jeu de Paume

From there, it was taken to the Schloss Kogl castle in Austria where it entered an unnamed private collection, the news outlet reported.