BGE worker fears for family in Puerto Rico

Employer delivers donation for hurricane victims
Posted at 11:44 AM, Sep 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-29 18:33:39-04

Her job involves community relations for Maryland's most powerful utility, but Faviola Donato-Galindo has never felt so far removed from her native country of Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria left it in ruins.

"I have many family members there---aunts, uncles and cousins,” said Donato-Galindo, “Many of them are in the town of Yabucoa where Hurricane Maria first hit that we haven't heard from, but we've heard from a third party that they're okay."
It's a big family now scrambling to survive when all of the essentials---food, water and shelter are in short supply.

"I have a little sister who is in San Juan,” said the BGE employee, “She works for the American Red Cross chapter for Puerto Rico and she's been, around the clock, working on relief efforts for the entire island so right now they're in need of any kind of donation---monetary, they need food and supplies and most importantly, they need fuel to move all those donations around the island."
To that end, Faviola's employer and its parent company have come forward with contributions through the American Red Cross.

"We've donated $50,000 to the Puerto Rico recovery efforts and our parent company has also put in $50,000,” said BGE Communications Manager Justin Mulcahy, “Across all of the Exelon utilities, it's a total of $250,000.  So, again, we're leaning in.  We know the time is right now."
A time when one of its employees who specializes in outreach feels helpless, since she can't reach out to her own family so many miles away.

"I'm just extremely thankful to BGE and Exelon for coming forward to help our fellow friends in Puerto Rico,” said a tearful Faviola, “It is very touching, personally touching, that they as a company are working and actively engaging to make sure they can provide any support."