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Hundreds, if not thousands, of needles found at Ohio home where 2 men died from opioid overdoses

Posted at 12:42 PM, Apr 05, 2019

Hundreds, if not thousands, of needles were found at a Lorain, Ohio home where two men died from an opioid overdose this week, according to a news release from the Lorain Police Department.

On Wednesday, police responded to the home and found two men with no obvious signs of life laying on a tattered mattress on the floor in the living room.

An EMS worker said both men showed no signs of life and estimated both of them had been dead for a couple of hours, the police report stated.

The girlfriend of one of the deceased men said she called her boyfriend's phone and when he didn't answer, she went over to the abandoned home because it was one of "his favorite places to visit," the report states.

The girlfriend said when she arrived, the door was locked, so she climbed through the broken basement window and found her boyfriend and the second man.

Authorities found hundreds or perhaps thousands of hypodermic needles. According to police, it appeared the house had been on fire at some point because of the smell of smoke and the upstairs carpet was saturated with moisture.

The home had no running water so the upstairs bathroom was overflowing with feces, the report said.

Police say the abandoned home is frequented by drug users. The home appeared to be in deplorable condition, with rotting floors and a broken foundation.

The home poses a major health and safety hazard. It's a risk for authorities who may have to enter the home again if they need to respond to another incident as the one mentioned above, police said. The home was also a site for illegal dumping.

The Lorain Police Department encourages residents to report activity in abandoned buildings and prevent children from playing in and around these homes.