Tainted Halloween candy reported in two Wisconsin towns

Needles found in candy in Arcadia
Tainted Halloween candy reported in two Wisconsin towns
Posted at 12:27 PM, Nov 01, 2017

Police in Wisconsin have confirmed two cases of tampered Halloween candy throughout the state.

In Arcadia, Wisconsin — a town located near the Wisconsin/Minnesota border — police confirmed that at least one child found needles in multiple pieces of Halloween candy.

The needles were not visible until the candy was opened and broken in half. In both instances, the needles appeared to be sewing needles.

Police say the incident happened sometime during trick-or-treat hours, between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. They've warned parents in the community to check their children's candy.

A few hundred miles away in Neenah, Wisconsin, police reported that nails were found in three pieces of Halloween candy.

A spokesman for the Neenah Police Department said that a mother found three Kit Kat candy bars with nails protruding from them in her son's candy stash.

Police suspect they can narrow down the house where the boy was given the candy, but did not say they were investigating any suspects.

It's the second straight year in which a nail was found in a Neenah trick-or-treater's candy. A child found a nail hidden in a Tootsie Roll in 2016. No arrest was made in that case.

Police are encouraging Neenah parents to inspect their children's candy for anything suspcious.

Those reports comes just days after police in Randolph, Wisconsin — located about three hours east of Arcadia — say that a child in town received a piece of tampered candy while trick or treating on Saturday.

According to police, the child received a Now and Later that appeared to have been soaked in motor oil or some other foreign substance. Police aren't sure where the child received the candy and are asking community members for tips.