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SwiftGift invitations from Facebook friends: are they a scam?

Posted at 12:30 PM, Apr 01, 2019

SwiftGift is an app that provides the ability to send gifts to people through messaging. Today, many folks on Facebook appear to be receiving notices that friends are sending them SwiftGift invites. But is it real?

Facebook hasn't addressed the issue today, so it's not exactly clear. But some folks who click on the invitations are getting the message, "Sorry, something went wrong," from Facebook. It appears to be leading to an error page and not sending folks farther down the scam path.

The idea that the SwiftGift app's name is used as a phishing scam by impostors isn't new: Folks have posted on forums to ask about it. In 2016, the CEO of SwiftGift responded to a forum post, saying its acceptance rate is 85%. SwiftGift is real.

Recipients of SwiftGift messages can reply to the sender to ask if it is real or not prior to opening if they suspect it is not real.