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Survey: 29% of people would rather quit than return to the workplace

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jan 08, 2021

As the vaccine rolls out, companies are making plans to return to work, but that's not sitting well with everyone.

About 29% of people surveyed by LiveCareer say they would rather quit than return to the workplace. More than 60% want to continue working from home after the pandemic.

Experts at Gartner HR Practice say companies are aware many people will want to continue working remotely, so they are likely to offer flexibility. But you should be aware that companies can still make it mandatory to come into the office.

“We're seeing that play out in a couple of industries in particular, so financial services, banking, some of those places, some of those companies are saying they want all of their employees to be back in the workplace,” said Brian Kropp, Chief of Research at Gartner HR Practice.

If you're not comfortable returning to work, talk to your manager and be transparent about why you're hesitant, especially if it's a health issue.

If you can prove you're capable of being productive while working from home, it will help. Also, be willing to compromise.

“What you may be able to do is work with your manager and say, ‘I want to work from home four days a week, but I’m willing to come in one day a week or a couple of hours a week,’” said Kropp. “Rather than thinking about it as fully remote or fully in the office, is there a way you can meet halfway in between?”

Identify the periods in which it's actually necessary to be in the office, like certain meetings or events. Also, ask about expectations and if that will change if you return to the workplace.