Still no motive in gaming tournament shooting

Two gamers killed, ten injured
Posted at 7:44 AM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 07:44:16-04

Investigators are still trying to put together the pieces and find out why Baltimore area native David Katz decided to open fire at a video game tournament on Sunday, killing two and injuring 10 others.

The sheriff says they still don't have a clear motive, but what they can say is David Katz targeted his victims. Investigators say Katz walked past people who were not part of the video game tournament on Sunday and fired on his fellow gamers.

Two young men died in the shooting, 22-year-old Eli Clayton and 27-year-old Taylor Robertson of West Virginia who won the national tournament two years ago.

The sheriff's department says Katz had two guns on him, but only one appears to have been used. Both were purchased legally in Maryland.

One of the gamers who was hit by a bullet, Alex Madunic, says Katz was a loner-type who kept to himself, and after Katz shot him once on Sunday he feared he was going to die.

"The adrenaline's flowing. I'm just, I'm scared for my life. Like I don't know if- I didn't think I would make it out of there after I got hit that one time," explained Madunic. "Like I'm just saying please- please don't shoot me anymore, you know it's just in my head, it's the scariest thing in my life."

Ten people including Madunic were injured in the shooting and all of them are expected to survive.