Starbucks unveils chocolate-flavored coffee as demand for cold coffees skyrocket

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Posted at 2:30 PM, May 10, 2022

Starbucks locations on Tuesday started offering a chocolate-flavored coffee among a slate of new offerings.

The Chocolate Cream Cold Brew is topped with a light chocolate cream cold foam, and is sweetened with vanilla syrup.

“When creating this beverage, we wanted to bring our customers a drink that would transport them back to their favorite summer memories with each sip,” said Rosalyn Batingan of Starbucks' beverage development team. “The classic combination of coffee and notes of chocolate, along with the malt flavor in the chocolate cream cold foam, are reminiscent of a chocolate malted milkshake or that last bit of melted chocolate ice cream on a warm summer day to recreate the sweet, creamy flavor of summers past.”

Cold beverages account for nearly 80% of Starbucks’ business, Interim CEO Howard Schultz noted last week. The company later noted that cold drinks comprised 60% of beverage sales in the last quarter and cold beverages made up a record 74% of beverage sales last summer.

Starbucks officials told investors that it is working to expand its cold-beverage capacity at stores to better meet the demand from customers.

Other new items on the Starbucks menu includes a lime-frosted coconut bar, unicorn cake pop, a bacon, sausage and egg wrap.