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Someone in Denver threatened to poison dogs, set 'paw crushing traps' if a dog poop problem isn't solved

Posted at 11:57 AM, Feb 20, 2019

DENVER — Residents in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood say a homeowner's sign about cleaning up dog waste has gone too far.

The sign, posted in front of a home on South Logan Street, reads: "These are the kind of inconsiderate a--holes that should never own or walk dogs!" The author of the sign also threatens to use poisoned meatballs and paw crushing traps if owners continue to fail to pick up after their dogs.

"I'm frightened for the health of my dog," said Capitol Hill resident Jamie Zynger. "Somebody has now put in a large sign that she is going to poison animals that wander onto her property or set hunting traps to potentially kill them."

A neighbor said there's a lack of responsibility from dog owners and people on Nextdoor defended the sign. One woman wrote: “I doubt she meant the threats, but geeze (sic) dog owners clean up after your dog.”

Neighbors said they are worried about their animals or worse, that a child will get hurt.

“I think that there has got to be a civil solution, some sort of happy medium where she can put up a small wire fence or maybe a more polite sign," said Zynger.