'Shopping cart killer' investigation underway in Virginia after 4 victims located

shopping cart killer
Posted at 3:56 PM, Dec 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-17 15:56:02-05

FAIRFAX, Va. — An alleged serial killer may have claimed the lives of at least four people in Virginia, according to information released Friday by Fairfax Police.

Fairfax Police Chief Kevin Davis and Harrisonburg Police Chief Kelley Warner organized a Friday afternoon briefing to discuss their findings into the deaths. In that briefing officials said they believe they have the suspect in custody and identified him as Anthony Robinson.

"Human remains were found Wednesday tucked away in an isolated wooded area," a Fairfax Police spokesperson wrote in the announcement of Friday's briefing. "The remains were in a container near a shopping cart in the 2400 block of Fairhaven Avenue in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County."

Officials said they have four victims. Two are have been positively identified, one is tentative and one person’s identification is unknown at this time.

The suspect, who police are calling the “shopping cart killer” meets victims on dating sites and then meets them at motels, police have found.

As of Friday, the killer met two victims in Fairfax county and traveled to Harrisonburg where the suspect met and killed two other victims.

Police said after he kills victims, the suspect takes them to their final resting place which is in shopping carts.

Officials are in the process of trying to figure out where the suspect has been to see if they can identify any other victims.

The two victims in Harrisonburg were 54 and 34 years old and the victim who was identified in Fairfax as Cheyenne Brown was 29 years old.

Police said they do believe there may be other victims in the Commonwealth so they are trying to figure out who else the suspect has been in contact with.

Officials said he is a predator as all serial killers are and has been found to prey on the weak and vulnerable.

Police said they do have someone in custody who they believe was in contact with one of the victims and who is their suspect.

This story was originally written by our sister station, WTKR.