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Sentimental ring lost in Florida for more than 2 years found, returned to owner

Posted at 11:01 PM, Jul 26, 2021

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — One woman's determination has answered another woman's prayers.

Two years ago, Nicole Winchip found a ring on the ground in a Hobe Sound Publix parking lot.

Since that time, she has been trying to find the owner, certain that the ring was sentimental to someone.

The ring had five names and birthstones, which Winchip assumed was a mother's ring and her children's names.

She first gave a ring to Publix, hoping the owner would claim it. When they never did, Publix released it back to Winchip, who kept searching.

Nicole Winchip, found ring in Hobe Sound Publix parking lot two years ago.åç
Nicole Winchip found the ring in a Publix parking lot in Hobe Sound two years ago.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office posted it in the paper, but still no luck.

Her quest for the owner ended Friday, and she learned the story behind the ring.

After WPTV's story aired about the lost ring, the Martin County Sheriff's Office also made a social media post about the ring.

That story was shared and reached the right people.

The ring belongs to Tammi Michaloski, a crossing guard for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

"[The ring is] very sentimental to me," Michaloski said.

Winchip learned the names on the ring were Tammi's, her husband, stepdaughter, and two sons.

Tammi Michaloski, owner of ring found in Hobe Sound Publix parking lot 2 years ago
Tammi Michaloski received word that her ring was found after her son saw a social media post.

All that time, she thought she lost it while she was working.

"Every day since then, I have searched that grassy area looking for it," Michaloski said.

More recently, the ring became more important to her to find.

"It is so important to me mostly because my husband and my daughter have passed away," Michaloski said.

Her husband passed away on Christmas.

"He had been sick, but we thought he was getting better," Michaloski said.

His daughter, Michaloski's step-daughter, passed away about a year before that.

"You kind of hold on to the small things that tie you together, and I lost another piece of that, so it was just really hard," Michaloski said.

The social media post reached Michaloski's son, Greg, who immediately called her and the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

Michaloski and Winchip met for the first time Friday when Michaloski picked up the ring at the sheriff’s office.

"I'm so glad that we found you," Winchip told Michaloski.

Finally, the ring that was in Winchip's hands is back on Michaloski's finger.

"I will be thanking you every night in my prayers," Michaloski said.

Meghan McRoberts at WPTV first reported this story.