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Salmonella concerns: Company recalls 239 cases of roasted and salted in-shell pistachios

Posted at 2:04 AM, Nov 05, 2018

The Barcelona Nut Company in Baltimore, Maryland is recalling 239 cases of roasted and salted in-shell pistachios.

The nuts may be contaminated with salmonella. They were distributed in several states, including: Washington, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, California, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, and Georgia.

The pistachios are Barcelona Nut Company brand, packaged in Red White and Blue window plastic film, and come in sizes:

2.75 oz., UPC 030239130001 with expiration date 9/18/2019
2.25 oz., UPC 030239149034 with expiration date 9/17/2019 and 10/9/2019
1.50 oz., UPC 030239591154 with expiration date 10/9/2019 and 9/17/2019
1.25 oz., UPC 030239991060 with expiration date 10/8/2019
1 oz. Green plastic film package pictured UPC 030239510148 with expiration dates 10/4/2019 and 10/10/2019.

You can read more about this recall here