Puppy killed by loose dog in Indiana while being walked by owner

Posted at 4:05 PM, Feb 12, 2019

A dog owner in Boone County, Indiana, has been cited and could face criminal charges after police say her dog attacked and killed a puppy that was being walked by its owner.

The attack happened last Thursday in the Hoosier Estates neighborhood in Lebanon, Indiana.

Police say a man was walking his new 3-month-old puppy on a leash when two loose dogs came running onto his property. One of the dogs attacked the puppy and killed it.

The owner of the loose dogs was issued citations for having a dog straying beyond the owner's property and harboring a non-immunized dog. The Boone County Prosecutor's Office is now reviewing the case and will decide whether any further charges will be filed.

"Unfortunately, this instance of two dogs running at large resulted in the unwarranted death of another animal, whose owner helplessly witnessed the attack," Boone County Deputy Hannah Fisher said. "The Animal Control Division was made aware, after this occurrence, that these two dogs are frequently running loose but had no formal, documented reports of these claims."