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One last goodbye to Capital Gazette victims

Memorial to be built to honor victims
Posted at 11:23 PM, Jul 10, 2018

All five victims of the Capital Gazette shooting have been laid to rest.

On Tuesday, the Caucus of African American Leaders brought the community together for one last goodbye, and to show the survivors and the first responders that they are appreciated.

Rick Hutzell, the Editor of the Gazette knows things will never be the same, but said they will keep going.

 “We buried John today,” Hutzell said. “The funerals are over. Tomorrow we’re having a memorial just for the staff. Today I called for members of Congress to nominate Wendi Winters for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

Wendi Winters' daughter Montana Geimer said she doesn’t want any more sympathy, she wants action from lawmakers to stop this from happening again.

 “She loved her community and she wanted to make it better for everyone,” Geimer said. “Like you, she saw the ways that America has let people down, let down the people who are the bedrock of its success. She strove to make it better. “

Anne Arundel County Police Chief Tim Altomare and the other members of law enforcement were honored for their quick action saving as many lives as possible.

 “We go in if it’s five people we would rather it be four people and one cop. The Anne Arundel County Police Department, the Annapolis Department, the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office will always go in when we’re needed," Altomare said.

Carl Snowden, Covener of The Caucus of African-American Leaders, revealed a planned memorial for City Hall or at Whitmore Park.

 “A memorial for freedom of press,” Snowden said. “A memorial to remind people of how valuable it is to have a free press. We want people 20 years from now 50 years from now to remember journalists who gave their lives for a principal."

The Gazette put out a paper the next day and will continue to serve the Annapolis Community.

Hutzell, the leader of the Capital Gazette Newsroom, pleading with lawmakers to do something to stop more workplaces from becoming memorials.

“We will ask we will ask again please find a solution. I want to be the last person to have to bury their friends after a mass shooting so thank you.”