Clinton, Trump win big on final Super Tuesday

Posted at 8:01 PM, Jun 07, 2016

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primaries in California, South Dakota, New Mexico and New Jersey Tuesday night. Her wins give challenger Bernie Sanders a devastating blow, as Sanders' campaign needed a big night to stay relevant. 

Six states were up for grabs on the Democratic side. Sanders picked up victories in North Dakota and Montana.

The largest prize up for grabs for both parties on Tuesday was California, which had 475 delegates up for grabs.

Based off delegate projections, Clinton has earned enough pledged and super delegates to win the party's nomination. Sanders has stayed in the race, hoping to win a large share of delegates on Tuesday, while convincing super delegates to reconsider their support for Clinton. 

GOP nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump pulled off a clean sweep of all five states up for grabs in the Republican primaries. Trump won in California, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana and New Jersey. 

Trump was the only candidate remaining on the Republican side contesting in Tuesday's primaries.

See the full list of victories from Tuesday night below:


North Dakota: Winner - Sanders

Montana: Winner - Sanders

New Jersey: Winner - Clinton

New Mexico: Winner - Clinton

South Dakota: Winner - Clinton

California: Winner - Clinton


California: Winner - Trump

Montana: Winner - Trump

New Jersey: Winner - Trump

New Mexico: Winner - Trump

South Dakota: Winner - Trump