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New software helps cities better manage dockless bikes, scooters

Posted at 4:38 PM, Sep 26, 2018

Electric scooters and bikes are invading cities across America. They’re convenient and cheap, but their dockless features is making it difficult for cities to manage.

Now, more than 300 cities worldwide are using the first digital platform created that allows officials to see where the electric scooters and bikes are at all times. The software is developed by a company called Remix.

"It’s not just about where are they but across the EBS and flows throughout the day,” explains Paul Supawanich, head of mobility policy with Remix. “What I'm doing is scrubbing across the day to see the interesting trends.”

Supawanich says this interface lets cities plan accordingly to create a safer space for different modes of transportation.   

"Now, they have this opportunity to capture actual information about real trips, which then can understand where should we put our infrastructure investment," Supawanich says.   

For example, if cities know hundreds of people use electric scooters around a particular part of town every day, city planners could look into eliminating a car lane to make more room for people on scooters.  

With Remix’s software, cities are now able to communicate through this interface with the ride share companies to tell them they should remove the bikes and scooters in an area due to things like construction or parades.  

"It's kind of like a city’s way of being air traffic control equivalent," Supawanich says.  

This new technology gives control back to cities and allows ride share companies the freedom to run their business.