New PSAs hope to encourage families to adopt older children

Posted at 12:38 PM, Nov 02, 2018

There are more than 118,000 teens and children waiting to be adopted in the United States. Now, one group hopes to find parents for these children and using a new PSA to get attention.

Isaiah lived in a foster home until he was 16 years old. Then, his social worker introduced him to Amy Arnston and her family.

"I knew I wanted to be part of their family as soon as I went there that weekend," Isaiah says.

The couple had him over for Thanksgiving.

"They were pretty funny and outgoing people, so I got pretty comfortable with them after a while."

A seat at that table turned into forever.

"I couldn't imagine not having my parents and my family in my life right now,” says Isaiah.

However, many children Isaiah's age aren't so lucky.

That's why AdoptUSKids is out with new PSAs, showing impactful moments of teenagers’ lives. Memorable moments parents play a big part in.

The organization’s hope is more parents will look at adopting older children like Isaiah.

They're hoping more parents will look at adopting older kids like Isaiah.

"[We] took him in as an Arntson. He became my son instantly," says Amy Arnston.

"There's a kid out there that needed that love that I needed when I was 16," Isaiah says.