Millions of Texans under boil water advisory; residents talk about how they're getting by

Posted at 5:25 PM, Feb 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 17:25:07-05

TEXAS — After a week's worth of rolling outages, with millions being without power for days, Texas grid operators say they've stabilized their system, but it's not over yet as some outages still remain and many still don't have running water.

13 million Texans are under boil water advisories, so many people are relying on bottled water that most stores are out of stock.

In Houston, water distribution sites have been set up as a last resort, with some lining up for hours to get their share.

Tonight, WMAR-2 News will be hearing from some of the men and women who are stuck in all of this.

One woman we spoke with just got her power back, but, like many other Texans, she is still waiting to get her water restored. She says with professional plumbing services likely on a long delay, many people have tried to become their own plumbers.

Waldemar and Collette Berenguer were a little more fortunate.

They live outside Dallas and say while they lost power, they never lost water and didn't need to leave their home. At the most, they say they lost power for about 14 hours.

Now, they feel fortunate but, in the moment, their biggest fears were the lack of communication from power officials and the roads in their area.

The Berenguer's say they've had power since Wednesday night, but a lot of surrounding communities are still in the dark. They plan to help in any way that they can.