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Massive 18-foot python trapped on roof of garage in Detroit. Here's how she got there

Posted at 7:23 AM, Apr 19, 2019

Juliet is an 18-foot reticulated python that created quite a scare in an east side Detroit, Michigan neighborhood.

The snake slithered up and onto the shingles of Detroit roof. A crowd quickly gathered and police arrived and watched the spectacle , too.

Juliet's owner, Devin, eventually showed up to save the snake.

He says the python is about 8 years old, 18-feet long and docile. Juliet has been around humans her entire life, he said, and would never intentionally harm anyone.

Her diet consists of thawed rabbits.

"It was my fault that she did get out," Devin said. "(I) didn't put the lock on probably. (But) I was able to get here (and) get her back to her cage quick."

Though a little less than sure about the snake's legal status, Devin says it was Juliet's safety he was worried about. Even finding rocks on the roof, he fears were thrown at her.

"I was scared for her," Devin said. "Yeah, I was scared for her. (I) had another friend of mine stand out here, make sure police didn't do anything to her. I appreciate that..Thank you."