Local 'mompreneur' helps Tennessee teen after bullies yank hair out of scalp


After a bully snatched teen’s wig off during school that left her with visible scars, one Delaware ‘mompreneur’, with ties to Maryland, reached out to the family to see if she can help.

The bullying incident happened down in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you asked her, making wigs isn’t Stephanie Nolan’s forte.

“I was like, ‘I’ll put it up for sale. Someone’s going to buy it and then about a week later, I was like I think I’ll take it off the site,” Nolan said.

The former model, now hair entrepreneur who runs online retailer XOXO Virgin Hair, usually sells extensions – creating custom wigs only for her because of the time it takes to make them.

But as she was on Twitter, a viral story about a bullied Tennessee teen stuck out to her.

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“I just don’t know why people, or young kids, go the lengths to terrorize someone who’s going through so much already and then adding more salt to the wound,” Nolan said.

Lauren Williams, the 16-year-old who had her hair pulled from her scalp, spoke to WMAR’s sister station WTVF about what happened.

“This guy just runs by, yanks off my wig, and keeps running and throws it somewhere,” Williams said.

She suffers from eczema and psoriasis and wore wigs to cover her hair loss.

The forceful pull yanked Lauren’s hair and left her scars.

She’s since cut off all her hair, but her mother, Myckelle, says the bullies need to face the consequences.

“They all got together and just planned to humiliate her and that was funny to them and to me, it’s not funny. It’s not a joke,” Myckelle said.

After seeing the story, Stephanie felt a call to action. She just so happened to have one of her wigs that she’d just made laying around.

“I looked over at the wig and I’m like, ‘this is her wig right here,” Nolan said.

So after reaching out on Facebook, Stephanie got in touch with Lauren’s sister with a care package for Lauren – battling bullying with beauty.

“Hair is so important to us women, us girls, and her being in high school – that’s like the epitome of physical appearance and you just want to make sure you look your best,” Nolan said.

Stephanie says Lauren should receive the package either today or tomorrow.

The hair on the wig should last for five years, even longer.

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