Kansas mother and father accused of abusing adopted children

Posted at 5:16 PM, Sep 13, 2016

A Linn County, Kansas mother and father accused of abusing their adopted children are out on bond. 

Christian and Suzanne Seagren were each arrested and charged with ten counts, including inhuman corporal punishment to a child and aggravated endangering a child. 

Seven of nine children, all under the age of 18, were removed from their home. 

According to sources, the children were “extremely malnourished.” They were also allegedly forced to use a bucket to go to the bathroom at night and were punished by being restrained or chained to objects located in the home.

“They are maintaining their innocence. They are just allegations and I don’t think the facts support anything that’s there,” said Burton Harding, who is representing the Seagrens. 

The investigation into the family began after the Seagrens reported their 12-year-old son with autism missing. Hours after the initial report, the boy was found hiding underneath the kitchen sink. 

Three days later, the children were removed from the home for “health and safety concerns.” They continue to remain in the care of the state. Community members said, “They are doing well.” 

The family’s church, Outpost Cowboy Church, confirmed five of the nine children were fostered then adopted by the Seagrens. Pastor Carl Garrett said the adoption happened about a year ago. 

"Everything I have ever seen has only been positive. In fact I wrote a letter of recommendation to the judge when they were trying to make the decision to let the folks have [the kids],” said Garrett. 

They have court appearances scheduled for the coming months.