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Group of friends in Kentucky invent hat/mask contraption

Posted at 1:56 PM, Aug 06, 2020

A group of friends in Lexington, Kentucky, have started a company that makes wearing and keeping your face mask nearby easy.

Face masks have become apart of our everyday lives. Jody Wedding, designer/co-founder of the MASKkap, says the idea came from another co-founder's first-hand experience.

"He went to Costco a couple of months ago, with his son and they wouldn't let him in because he didn't have a mask on," Wedding said. "He forgot his mask. So he got frustrated, went home and was like 'This is never going to happen again.'"

That's when this hat, with the mask attached to it, was invented.

"The cap is a traditional baseball cap. It has a mask attached to it," Wedding explained. "So when you're not wearing it, you can kind of hang it on the back of your head."

And then, when you want to wear the mask, you pull it back over the cap and on your face.

"We also have this MASKies version, that can snap on to any mask. It basically is a little strap, that can snap on to any mask. It's great for back to school!"

The contraption was invented a little over a month ago and is already on the market. Wedding says their hope is that the MASKkap provides one less thing to worry about.

"When you take your mask off if you're eating or anything, you don't have to set it down. It's always with you. You don't accidentally pick up anybody else's."

The masks can be purchased at Peggy's Gift Shop and all Kentucky Branded locations. For more information, click here.

This story was originally reported by Jacqueline Nie at WLEX.