Gravel truck topples onto Tennessee interstate, bride almost misses wedding

Posted at 6:43 PM, Sep 28, 2016

A newlywed almost didn't make it to her wedding after a dump truck seemly fell from the sky and landed right in front of her on the interstate.

The bride, Sara Barker, was in her friend's SUV on her way to the ceremony. They had just entered an interstate in Nashville, Tenn., when a gravel truck slid down a hill, crashing onto the road right in front of the car.

"We look straight ahead and just see craziness breaking loose," said Jamie Brown, the bride's best friend. "I didn't know necessarily it was a truck. I just saw a giant thing flying towards our windshield and thought there's no way were going to stop."

A tractor-trailer two lanes over took the brunt of the impact, a move the women believe saved their lives. Baker made it to her wedding on time to say "I do."

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