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Florida woman finds iguana hiding in her toilet

Posted at 11:14 AM, Nov 21, 2017

A Florida woman couldn't believe what she found when she went to go clean her toilet late Monday evening. 

Dani Craven, posted the video to Facebook, showing her friend rushing over to help her rescue an iguana from her toilet. 

Craven wrote, "Shannon Walker is my savior!!! She came over and removed the iguana out of my im scared to go to the bathroom!"




Shannon Walker told Tampa-based WFTS she was making dinner when she got a call from her friend Craven, who is terrified of lizards, and told her an iguana came up through the pipe system.  

Walker said when she got to the Palmetto home, Craven had put a towel under the door, and two cement blocks on top of the toilet seat in fear it would try and escape. 

Walker, an animal lover, said she is also trying to help save any animal she could, so she told Craven to have gloves, an ice chest and a net to help fish it out of the bathroom. 

"It was much bigger than I thought," said Walker. 

In the video you can hear someone say "don't grab it by the tail, you'll break it by the tail!"

The video shows the women laughing, and screaming as they try to fish the iguana out of the toilet. 

In the end, the women get the iguana out of the toilet, as they run out of the bathroom.

It was handed over to Justin Matthews with Matthews Wildlife Rescue.