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Fed up Burger King workers leave blunt message on restaurant's sign: 'WE ALL QUIT'

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Posted at 2:02 PM, Jul 13, 2021

LINCOLN, Neb. — Workers at Burger King in Nebraska quit their jobs using the fast-food restaurant’s sign and a photo of the blunt resignation has now gone viral.

The sign outside the Lincoln restaurant read, “WE ALL QUIT” and “SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE,” but the letters have since been taken down.

Two of the former employees told local TV station KLKN that they quit because of issues with upper management.

One of those workers was former general manager Rachael Flores, who told KLKN that employees had to work in the kitchen with no air conditioning for weeks, and the temperature in the room reached more than 90 degrees at one point.

Flores added that she ended up in a hospital for dehydration and claimed that her boss said she was being a “baby.”

Flores also said the restaurant was understaffed, with three to four people sometimes working during lunchtime.

Eventually, Flores notified her employer that she was leaving and put in her two weeks’ notice, and eight of her coworkers then followed her lead, KLKN reports.

It was at the end of that two-week period when the workers decided to put up the sign, CNN reports.

“I didn't think anybody was really going to notice because we just did one sign and then it went pretty crazy on Facebook, and I got a call from my upper management, and they told me I need to take it down,” said Flores. “It was right at the beginning of lunch, and I was like, ‘I don't have time to do that, we're short-staffed.’”

After the sign was up, Flores said her boss told her to hand in her keys and that she was fired, according to KLKN.