Excess water found in brain, lungs of Annie Korkki, Robin Korkki, sisters found dead in Seychelles

Posted at 8:22 AM, Sep 30, 2016

SEYCHELLES - Police in the Seychelles said excess water was found in the lungs and brain of two sisters who died at a luxury resort last week, according to the Seychelles News Agency.

Anne Marie Korkki, 37, of Denver, died of "acute pulmonary and cerebral edema," police said. Her sister, Robin Marie Korkki, 42, of Chicago, died from "acute pulmonary edema."

The two women were found dead Sept. 22 in the villa they were sharing at the $1,700+ a night Maia Luxury Resort & Spa.

Police said there were no signs of violence and the autopsy said "no visible signs of injuries were found on the bodies."

The Today in Seychelles newspaper wrote on Facebook that on the night before the women were found dead, they were "assisted to their villa by hotel staff, including the butler, because they were believed to be drunk since they were seen consuming alcohol from the hotel bars throughout the day."

Police said that an itinerary found at the Maia hotel showed the Korkki sisters were touring Africa and had already visited Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Pictures posted on Facebook showed the sisters on the beach, and on safari, during their vacation.

The victim's brother, Chris Korkki, said the his mother and brother have traveled to Seychelles.

police spokesman Jean Toussaint

"Robin & Annie were loving sisters and best friends," a donation page set up for the family stated. "They were loved by many."

Anne worked at JP Morgan Chase in Denver.