Adnan Syed and 'Serial': What you should know

Adnan Syed, subject of series, gets new trial
Adnan Syed and 'Serial': What you should know
Posted at 5:55 PM, Jun 30, 2016

A television station in Baltimore is dedicated to following everything related to the murder covered in the first season of the "Serial" podcast.

The E.W. Scripps Company's WMAR has videos from when the crime first happened in the late 1990s, before it was the subject of the podcast and told in a weekly series heard by millions.

WMAR's dedicated online coverage may be found on its website, titled, "Who was Hae Min Lee?" Lee was a high school senior who was murdered in 1999. He ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted in her murder.

The website features video elements from the death investigation.

The "Serial" podcast highlighted inconsistencies in Syed's original trial. Syed was granted a new trial today, June 30, 2016.  According to WMAR, the judge granted a new trail based on the prosecutor's lack of cross-examining the state's cell tower expert.