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Elon Musk activates Starlink satellite internet for Ukraine

Elon Musk
Posted at 7:43 PM, Feb 26, 2022

Elon Musk said he has given Ukraine access to internet service via Starlink satellites on Saturday.

The country’s internet service was disrupted due to Russia’s invasion, especially in southern and eastern Ukraine.

The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Federovl, tweeted at the CEO and SpaceX founder, asking him to “provide Ukraine with Starlink stations and to address sane Russians to stand.” Federovi is also the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

About ten hours later, Musk replied, “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.”

The official Twitter account of Ukraine thanked Musk in a later tweet, saying, “thanx, appreciate it(.)”

Starlink is a group of connected satellites, built by SpaceX, that aims to provide high-speed internet service in different areas of the world.

Starlink satellites are different from other satellite internet services because they are in low-Earth orbit and do not rely on traditional internet infrastructure.

There are at least 2,000 satellites in orbit.

SpaceX plans to eventually have more than 4,000 satellites in service.