Disgruntled Taco Bell customer shoots up drive-thru window, employee's car

Customer was upset over order mix-up
Posted at 6:17 PM, Jun 27, 2016

Police are looking for a man who fired shots at a Milwaukee Taco Bell early Monday morning after the disgruntled customer was upset over a mix-up in his order, according to restaurant management. 

“A customer fired a gun into the drive through window and into an employee’s car,” Sgt. Timothy Gaurke of the Milwaukee Police Department said.

Sgt. Gaurke said the investigation is ongoing and Milwaukee Police are looking for the suspect.

Taco Bell management said that the man was upset over sour cream. The customer apparently called the restaurant after discovering an error in his order. The manager instructed the customer to come back to the restaurant the next day to get a free meal, as the restaurant had already closed.

But, nearly immediately, the customer then returned to the restaurant where he shot at the bullet-proof drive thru-window and the employee’s car in the parking lot, restaurant officials said. 

Katie Crowther contributed to this report.