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Posted at 11:00 PM, Jan 13, 2016
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The multi-state Powerball drawing concluded at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Wednesday, as millions of Americans waited with baited breath if their numbers would be the ones drawn in drawing.

The total jackpot set a U.S. record of $1.5 billion. Here are the winning numbers from Wednesday’s jackpot:

08 – 27 – 34 – 04 – 19

The Powerball was:



If you did not beat the 1-in-292,201,338 odds of winning Wednesday’s jackpot, here is the breakdown of other possible prizes.

Matching five numbers without the Powerball: $1 million
Marching four numbers and the Powerball: $50,000
Marching four numbers without the Powerball: $100
Matching three numbers with the Powerball: $100
Matching three numbers without the Powerball: $7
Matching two numbers and the Powerball: $7
Matching one number and the Powerball: $4
Matching just the Powerball: $4

Unless you won the jackpot, the $1 million payout or the $50,000 prize, prizes can be claimed at lottery retailers. Larger prizes have to be claimed through the state’s lottery.

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Wednesday’s jackpot has steadily risen since November. The jackpot on Nov. 4 was $40 million. After no one won Saturday’s drawing, which was valued at more than $900 million, the jackpot increased to $1.3 billion. As sales grew for Wednesday’s drawing, Powerball officials raised the stakes with the jackpot growing to $1.5 billion.

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Wednesday’s drawing was the first time in U.S. history a lottery jackpot broke the $1 billion threshold.

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