Poll: Clinton's lead on Trump shrinks to 5 percent in Wisconsin

Posted at 1:23 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 19:31:54-04

One month after the conventions wrapped up, the margin of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's lead over GOP candidate Donald Trump has shrunk in Wisconsin.

The Marquette Law School poll says that Clinton has a 42 percent to 37 percent lead on Trump right now among registered voters,. That was a double digit lead during the last poll released a few weeks ago.

Among likely voters, Clinton's lead is even smaller - 3 percent (45 to 42 percent).

That is a 12 percent change from early August, when Clinton had a 52% to 37% lead just after the Democratic National Convention.

"The post-convention bounce that boosted her...has pretty much disappeared," said poll director Charles Franklin on Wisconsin's Afternoon News.
"In early August, we had a successful Democratic convention that helped her, and we also had one of the worst weeks of the Trump campaign...advantages of the convention have largely gone away for her, and Trump has recently had a more normal campaign that has avoided the missteps he made right after the convention."

In registered voter results with four candidates are involved:
- Clinton 37 percent
- Trump 32 percent
- Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 11 percent
- Jill Stein (Green) 7 percent

The poll's Charles Franklin says that a "huge percentage" are not supporting any candidate.

In the U.S. Senate race, Russ Feingold - a former Senator and current Democratic challenger to Republican Ron Johnson - has a 46 to 42 percent lead among registered voters.

That lead has shrunk from six percent earlier this month (49 to 43).

Likely voters have Feingold at 48 percent, leading Johnson who has 45 percent.

"That is the same tighetning we've seen since the beginning of the also returns Feingold to where he was in July," said Franklin.
"Whatever boost there was in enthusiasm for Democrats generally has now affected both the Presidential and Senate races, bringing them back into the competitive category that they were in July."

The poll also said that 650 of 803 people would be "certain to vote."

Marquette says the poll has a plus/minus 4.5 percent margin of error for the "full sample."

The poll includes 803 registered Wisconsin voters whim Marquette contacted by landline and cell phone from August 25-28.