Dixon, Pugh optimistic about election

Posted at 8:02 PM, Apr 26, 2016

The death of Freddie Gray a year ago prompted more than two dozen people to run for mayor of Baltimore, but state Sen. Catherine Pugh and Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon emerged as front runners early on.

Former mayor Dixon resigned from office in 2010 after being convicted of stealing gift cards meant for needy families. Last year, Dixon announced she was running for her old job.

“People are saying to me that they’re glad to see me, they’re glad I’m back here in the race, and they know that I can make the city safe,” Dixon said Tuesday. 

The only candidate who stands in Dixon's way is Pugh, a state senator since 2007.

"There have been a lot of things that are negative in terms of campaigning. What we've tried to do is be very very positive," Pugh said. "We've heard about different things that different candidates are doing but as you well know we have maintained a very positive attitude as it relates to this campaign. I'm not throwing mud, slinging mud on anybody enough has been sling this way but at the same time we maintain a positive campaign and if anybody out there is doing negative stuff we ask them not to do it."

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