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Dad learned about daughter's death while treating classmate at scene in Texas

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Posted at 10:10 AM, May 26, 2022

UVALDE, Texas — One of the victims in the elementary school shooting in Texas was identified as Amerie Jo Garza.

Her dad, Angel Garza, was working as a med aide at the scene and unfortunately found out she died through her classmate.

“She was hysterical, saying they shot her best friend, they killed her best friend, she's not breathing, and she tried to call the cops. I asked her what's her name and she said, she told me ‘Amerie’, she said ‘Amerie.,’” the father told Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Amerie was in fourth grade at Robb Elementary and had just celebrated her 10th birthday.

"She was the sweetest little girl who did nothing wrong. She listened to her mom and dad, she always brushed her teeth, she was creative, she made things for us, she never got in trouble in school. Like, I just want to know what she did to be a victim,” Garza said. Amerie’s father told Cooper she had just gotten a phone for her birthday.

That phone was used to call the police.

"I just want people to know she died trying to save her classmates. She just wanted to save everyone."