Colorado dog stolen 5 years ago, found alive in Missouri

Posted at 1:51 PM, Sep 21, 2016

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. -- A St. Bernard stolen from a yard in Colorado five years ago has been found alive in Missouri.

"She was kind of ratty, had a lot of fleas and stuff, but she had a chip," Jefferson County, Colorado Executive Ken Waller said.

Due to a spelling error on the chip, it took some time, but officials found Missy the dog's owners in Colorado.

"We got a hold of the owner and they couldn’t believe the animal was still alive," Waller said. "They have two special needs children. This dog was a service dog for one of them."

Waller said workers cleaned Missy up and started working on finding her a way back to Colorado. A woman in Missouri volunteered to drive Missy home.

"She’s going to leave tomorrow afternoon," Waller said. "Sometime on Friday, she’ll be reuniting that dog with her owners."

"She’s just a cute dog. A fun-loving, St Bernard like you see in the movies," Waller said. "I guess miracles do happen, even for this loveable dog."