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Car wash owner horrified after Michigan man used car wash to 'clean' dogs

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jun 25, 2018

WARREN, Mich. — What a Michigan car wash owner caught on surveillance video has her horrified: Three people using the car wash on two dogs.

“You can see in our videos they are clearly terrified,” said the owner of Wash-Stop, Nicole Gattoross.

Nicole Gattoross saw the dogs being washed while she was out bowling with her family on Sunday, she was able to watch from a livestream from her security video.

“We watched these dogs being covered in chemicals that were for vehicles, not animals – foam brushed, high pressure with up to 110-degree water – it was horrible,” Gattoross said.

She says the high pressure of the hose could do serious damage.

Detectives with the Warren Police Department tell 7 Action News they will be submitting a request to prosecutors to charge those involved with two counts of animal cruelty, one count for each dog. They are also working to determine if the dogs will be taken from the home. The request to submit charges should be made to prosecutors on Tuesday.