Buddy, a Fayetteville farmer, moves animals to safety as Hurricane Florence approaches

Posted at 5:17 PM, Sep 13, 2018

Catastrophic flooding and mudslides are among the biggest threats as Hurricane Florence moves into the Carolinas.

Inland from the coast, Fayetteville farmer Buddy Young is preparing his land for the storm, which is expected to bring heavy rainfall over the next couple days.

Buddy spent Thursday making sure all his goats, horses, chickens and roosters were safe.

“I'm not worried about it,” he says. “The Good Lord, I think, he'll take care of everything.”

Flooding is a concern for every farmer, especially in Fayetteville. Flooding can mean a crop catastrophe; it’s something Buddy experienced firsthand during Hurricane Matthew a couple years ago.

“Soybeans and everything, there was about 70 acres of it and it was all 3 or 4 foot under water,” Buddy remembers.

Losing crops and livestock is a big concern, but as long as you’re prepared, Buddy says worrying is a waste of time.

“It's going to be what it is, and I got everything ready, taking care of all my animals,” says Buddy. “I ain’t really worried about nothing. Got all my animals put up pretty much, and it's going to be what it is.”

Worried or not, residents in Fayetteville say they remember Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the flood water it brought.