Birdwatcher at center of viral video will now host his own National Geographic show

Posted at 4:14 PM, May 20, 2022

A man who is known for his encounter with a woman who called police on him at New York’s Central Park will now have his own television show.

Christian Cooper is a birdwatcher. That’s exactly what he was doing when he asked a woman, Amy Cooper, to leash her dog.

The two are not related.

The woman then called the police and said a Black man was threatening her after ask her to leash her dog.

Fast forward two years later, the avid birdwatcher will now host National Geographic’s Extraordinary Birder.

NatGeo says Christian Cooper will brave stormy seas in Alaska to look for puffins, trek into Puerto Rico to search for parrots and even scale a bridge in Manhattan to scout a falcon.

The New York birdwatcher will host six episodes.

A release date for the show has not yet been set.