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Back-to-school shopping must-haves for virtual classroom

Back-to-school shopping must-haves for virtual classroom
Posted at 1:31 PM, Aug 10, 2020

Schooling at home is now reshaping the way we think about back-to-school shopping. You may not need the hand sanitizer and masks but what you will need are electronics galore.

"Find a place in your home where each child has their own personal learning space," said Lisa Estabrook.

You may have the personal learning space ready to go but what about the supplies to help your child thrive?

Novi Teacher Lisa Estabrook and shopping trends expert Sara Skirboll is breaking down five of the best buys that could prove to be a game-changer.

"If you don’t have a laptop where kids can Zoom and email you might consider picking up something that’s durable something that’s not super expensive."

#1: Something like a Chromebook. lightweight, user friendly, and at $200 bucks, a fraction of a standard laptop’s price!

#2 Virtual accessories

"Built-in microphones aren’t that great and if your child is spending a lot of time speaking to their teachers and peers on Zoom, you might consider investing in an additional piece like a microphone," said Retail Me Not expert Sara Skirboll.

In the meantime, if you have a tablet, grab your student a keyboard.

Do you have an older model laptop? Don’t forget a web-cam.

#3 A good pair of headphones

It takes away that background noise so the student can really focus on what they’re supposed to be learning. Skirboll recommends an affordable brand called ear-fun.

"They’re waterproof, they have 30 hours of battery life, built-in microphone," said Skirboll.

"Then make sure your WiFi connection is high tech," said Skirboll.

They know exactly where they need to be for a certain amount of hours to get their schoolwork done but your internet might not extend there. That’s definitely something you need to consider.

#4 A WiFi extender which extends the coverage area of your internet.

The one thing that parents probably aren't thinking about is a printer at home," said Estabrook. "However, some students might learn best if you print out the work and work at a table."

#5 Add on your list of best buys is a printer, ink, and paper.

So here’s the Rebound Rundown:

A good laptop or Chromebook is vital to virtual instruction

Earphones can help kids focus and block outside distractions

A printer can help more visual learners excel.

If you do get a printer, make sure it has a scanning option, that way you can take your child’s work and scan right to the teacher.

Otherwise, you can buy a scanning app on your smartphone and do it directly from the phone instead.

This story was originally reported by Ameera David at WXYZ.