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American Airlines warns of fuel shortages spreading nationwide, asks pilots to conserve

Boeing American Max Flight
Posted at 4:27 PM, Jul 27, 2021

American Airlines is warning its pilots it may have to add stops to certain flights and asked pilots to conserve fuel when possible, because of fuel delivery delays, according to multiple outletswho saw the internal memo.

The airline says it’s a supply chain issue, like many delays impacting Americans recently, specifically that there is a lack of truck drivers, trucks and fuel supply.

The memo indicates the supply shortages were initially impacting small and midsize airports in the western U.S., “but are now being reported at American stations across the country. Delivery delays are expected to continue through mid-August,” said John Dudley, managing director of flight operations, in the memo, which was reviewed by CNBC.

Certain flights will add “fueling stops,” where a plane carries additional fuel to airports affected by the shortages.

Additionally, pilots are being asked to conserve fuel, like taxiing with a single engine.

American Airlines says they have not had to cancel any flights because of the shortages at this time.

The association Airlines for America, which represents major airlines in this country, told FOX News the shortage of drivers and jet fuel supply at the same time there is a sharp increase in demand for travel is causing the “low fuel inventories” at some airports.

The group says it has "been and continue(s) to be in communication with federal authorities and pipeline operators to address this jet fuel capacity issue."