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Airport concierge services make flying less stressful for passengers

Posted at 6:28 PM, Nov 14, 2017

Krystyn Hall is a huge fan of travel.  What she’s not crazy about is the “getting-to-the-plane” part, especially at security. She explains, “It tends to be a high stress time for me.”

So, on a recent trip overseas, her travel agent suggested she try something called an airport concierge service. 

It made all the difference for Krystyn, who says they “…escorted us through the airport, took us to customs and through security and everything. And it was so fast.” All for about 30-dollars a person! 

The concept of an airport concierge used to be an ultra-expensive option.

But now, these ‘meet and greet’ type services are becoming more common, and, in some cases, more affordable.

Travel expert George Hobica says, “Anyone can use this. It doesn't have to be a VIP. It could be somebody on a honeymoon, a special occasion, an elderly parent who needs assistance or a small child.” 

Hobica says concierge personnel can do everything from help with sticky situations at security or immigration, to run for souvenirs at the gift shop.  

The more they do, the more you’ll pay, up to the thousands to get you right to the door of the plane. 

You can book through individual companies, through travel sites, or some airlines offer them, too. 

Hobica says there are times when specialty services may make sense, such as “…if you're in a hurry, connecting, or just getting to the airport through TSA, you're going to do it much faster than anyone else.”

Krystyn elaborates, “Especially if you're in a country where they don't speak the same language as you, it helps to facilitate that and ease all the stress.”

Hobica says he sees only one potential downside because “It's not free.”  

Krystyn says she now searches for the option whenever she travels, explaining, “It made the start of our vacation more relaxing, and it kind of eased back into reality at the end of our vacation.”


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