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A Michigan boy called 911 asking for McDonald's and police responded with food in hand

Posted at 1:39 PM, Apr 20, 2019

DETROIT — A 5-year-old Michigan boy had a craving for fast food early Sunday morning and with his grandmother sleeping, he needed help.

Possibly not yet savvy enough to place an online order on Grubhub or UberEats, Iziah Hall grabbed a phone and dialed three digits.

Dispatcher: "Kent County 911 what's your emergency?"

Iziah: "Can you bring me McDonald's?"
Dispatcher: "I'm sorry what?"
Iziah: "Can you bring me McDonald's?"
Dispatcher: "No I can't bring you McDonald's."

Sara Kuberski was the dispatcher who answered Iziah's call. She told ABC13 , "We get a lot of people who are letting their kids play on their cellphones and a lot of them are deactivated and parents don't realize they can still call 911."

She contacted a Wyoming police officer named Dan Patterson. He found the exchange quite funny.

"I was laughing to myself ... 5-year-old calls dispatch and orders McDonald's," Patterson told ABC13 .

The officer went to the home to make sure everything was OK but decided to make a special stop on his way.

"I figured 'hey I'm driving past McDonald's on my way there and I might as well get him something,' " Patterson said.

The officer delivered the food to Iziah and used the visit as a learning lesson.

"We all thought it was really cool that Officer Patterson went over there with the McDonald's so it kind of made our night," Kuberski said.